Pioneering macro-project in Mexico to convert organic waste into biogas

On ResiduosProfesional ( we have found an interesting article about a macro-project to convert the 780 tons of organic waste generated each day by the Mexico City Central market into biogas.

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Researchers from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) of Mexico plan to convert into gas and electricity the 780 tons of organic waste which are generated each day by the Mexico City Central Market , in order to reduce pollution, make significant economic savings, and obtain energy sustainability for the largest market in Latin America.

It is a multi-disciplinary project called “Basic engineering for an anaerobic biodigester with a capacity for 50 tons/day of the organic fraction of the solid waste generated by the Federal District Central market”, directed by Doctor Luis Raúl Tovar Gálvez, a specialist from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research and Studies on the Environment and Development (CIIEMAD).

The project covers the carrying out of a feasibility study, together with the design and development of an anaerobic biodigester for the treatment of this type of waste through its conversion into biogas.

According to the calculations carried out within the framework of the investigation, the potential biogas which would be generated per year by the biodigester could represent 285,000 tons of waste which would not go to landfills, and thus would considerably reduce pollution.

Currently the organic waste from this market is tipped into landfills in the states of Mexico and Morelos, which implies a cost in fuel for its daily transportation, and the generation of carbon dioxide (CO2), which contributes towards global warming and an increase in the carbon footprint

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