Great number of visitors to Masias Recycling’s stand at IFAT 2016


IFAT is an event that can put together the most important elements of the sector within a huge range of business areas. Thus, as we are about to finish our participation in 2016 edition, we do not hesitate in considering our presence at the exhibition as a very positive one, not only for the number and quality of visitors we had in our stand, but also for the environment and feeling we got from … [Read more...]

Masias Recycling’s Covertech is in the news in El Mundo


On this May 17, the day on which the world celebrates the International Day of Recycling, we are pleased to share with you the article about Masias Covertech that the Spanish journalist Lidia Montes wrote in the section Innovadores of the newspaper El Mundo. Montes presents the details and advantages of the system that Masias Recycling developed in order to increase the calorific power of the … [Read more...]

All you need to know about our presence at IFAT 2016


We are looking forward to the most popular and prestigious professional event in the waste sector. However, we know that sometimes we do not get the most out of our visit due to a planning or improvisation issue. Did we meet in 2014 and you want to know where to find us? Do you want to set a date to meet? You do not know us and want to know who we are? Have you heard about us but you do not know … [Read more...]

Each person in the EU generated 475 kg of municipal waste in 2014


* This information comes from a report issued by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.  In the European Union (EU), the amount of municipal waste generated per person in 2014 amounted to 475 kg, down by 10% compared with its peak of 527 kg per person in 2002. Since 2007, the generation of municipal waste per person has constantly decreased in the EU to below its mid-1990s … [Read more...]

Interview with Frederico Contente, Cemfuels Project Manager of the Year

Frederico Contente

In February, Frederico Contente, the company’s Key Account Manager, was selected Best Project Manager of the year at the Global Cement Awards, the prestigious awards that reward the most notable projects and activity within the cement sector at an international level for 2015. Frederico, who travelled to Prague to attend the professional meeting, collected his honour at a gala dinner that revealed … [Read more...]

Delivery of the Chippo 5010 to Enerbosque, subsidiary of Veolia


Masias Recycling has started the year with an important operation: the sale and delivery of a new biomass chipping machine from Komptech, one of their primary represented brands. We’re talking about the Chippo 5010 CD “Direct Turnable” on the MAN 8x4 chassis. It is the second piece of Komptech equipment that Masias Recycling has sold in Spain within the speciality field of biomass chippers and it … [Read more...]

Project for remodelling the GGR municipal waste plant


Gelabert Gestión de Residuos (GGR), one of the primary and historic waste management companies in the metropolitan Barcelona area, has chosen Masias Recycling for the complete overhaul of what will be the first dry waste plant in Catalonia, with the aim of increasing recovery ratios and minimising waste elimination through landfills. GGR, whose origins date back to 1905, believe that the future … [Read more...]

Landfill mining: analysis of 1 square metre of non-recycled waste (II)


As we saw in the previous post, nowadays, the planet as a whole produces about 1.5 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW); however, the forecast for 2025 puts this number at nearly 2.6 billion tonnes. This means that our landfills will soon be filled to capacity (if they are not already). This lack of space is a pressing issue that we are soon going to have to face. The process of … [Read more...]

The Asian-Pacific waste crisis: a potential economic windfall


Up to 90% of solid waste can be recycled. Behind this premise lies a worrying reality: waste generation in the Asian-Pacific region will rise from one million tonnes per day in 2012 to nearly 2.5 million tonnes in 2025. Nevertheless, according to a report from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission on Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), and Waste Concern, an organisation based in … [Read more...]